Below are several files that can help our Athletes and Parents get ready to participate in Athletics at Varela. 

The first set are three Mandatory NFHS Learn Videos for our athletes/coaches to complete. Once you complete each course, print the certificates out and have them ready to turn into your coach.

Physical Packets is attached below.

Heat Illness Prevention
Concussion for Students 
Concussion in Sports (Coaches need to view)
Sudden Cardiac Arrest

The following are highly recommended NFHS Learn Videos by the Athletic Department.


Please Note:
The Covid-19 waiver form is being reviewed by the legal department. Upon the approval of the Covid-19 waiver, all athletes must have it on file before they are allowed to take part in athletic activities. This will be provided to parent/students as soon as possible.

*Reminder, completed physical forms (doctor signatures, parent/student athlete signatures) and school purchased insurance are required before participation in athletics.