Information Technology Academy (NAF)


What is Information Technology and Virtual Reality?

Students in this program become fluent in a new computer programming language, learn the latest technology using hardware PCs and VR headsets, and create their own video games.



Course Sequence

  • VRCA 1 (Digital Information Technology)

This course is designed to provide a basic overview of current business and information systems and trends, and to introduce students to fundamental skills required for today’s business and academic environments. Emphasis is placed on developing fundamental computer skills. The intention of this course is to prepare students to be successful both personally and professionally in an information-based society. Digital Information Technology includes the exploration and use of databases, the internet, spreadsheets, presentation applications, management of personal information and email, word processing and document manipulation, HTML, web page design, and the integration of these programs using software that meets industry standards.

  • VRCA 2/3 (VR & Game Design)

This course is designed to provide an introduction to game and simulation concepts and careers, the impact game and simulation has on society and industry, and basic game/simulation design concepts such as rule design, play mechanics, and media integration. This course compares and contrasts games and simulations, key development methodologies and tools, careers, and industry-related information.  This course also covers strategies, processes, and methods for conceptualizing a game or simulation application, storyboarding techniques and development tools.

Eligibility Requirements and Application

AP Capstone Requirements:

  • 2.5 unweighted GPA in core courses
  • 2.0 average GPA in conduct
  • No more than 10 unexcused absences or 20 tardies in the previous year
  • Honors Physical Science
  • Honors Algebra I

**Students can earn Honors Algebra I and Honors Physical Science credits on Florida Virtual School. In order to meet eligibility requirements, please mail ( or fax (305-386-8987) proof of registration from the FLVS to Felix Varela Senior High School.

Academy of Choice & Magnet Application


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