SOAR Summer B Information

Miami-Dade County Public Schools is preparing to begin the Regain Summer Program which will take place during Summer Term B, July 13 through August 11, 2020. This will address the unique circumstances of our current grade 9 Algebra I students and grade 10 Language Arts students who did not get the opportunities to take the state assessments required for graduation.  M-DCPS will be providing students with the opportunity for test preparation and tutoring so they are able to achieve proficiency on these tests in the early fall when the state may offers these tests again.  

The on-line curriculum for the Summer Program is Math Nation for the 9th Grade Algebra I students and USA Test Prep for the 10th Grade Language Arts students. Students will work on-line as they complete the tutorial modules. Students are encouraged to participate in this enrichment summer program in preparation for the 2020-2021 school year.

Please complete the parent/student on-line registration link attached below in order to secure your spot at the Regain Summer Program by July 1st.

The Regain Summer On-line program will be housed at Miami Sunset Senior High School.

Thank you and we look forward to assisting your child meet his/her testing requirements for the incoming school year.