Theater, Acting, and Technical Design

Felix Varela’s Theater program is designed for students interested in learning more about the various aspects of theater, including Performance, Acting and Technical Design.  Elective courses offered include Acting I-IV, Technical Theater I-IV, and Theater I-IV.

All drama students will leave with a well-rounded understanding of how theater works. They are encouraged to find their creative voice and to seek the importance of connection and empathy with their fellow students. Advanced students will have the opportunity to work hands on with our professional and industry-standard equipment in various school and professional events. Advanced theater students will also compete at district and national level competitions.

Our Drama Department has the advantage of working with a well-designed and well-equipped black box theater and auditorium space, as well as a wood shop.

The school also offers an extracurricular Drama Club, where everyone is welcome regardless of experience and an International Thespian Honor Society for students who have accumulated a certain amount of points and have committed to the program throughout their years at Varela.