Guidance Counselors

School number 305-752-7900

Counselor Title/Subjects Email Extension
Jennifer FunezCounselor 10th  2013
Delsy LaraCounselor 9th Gradedmlara#66@dadeschools.net2011
Tiana Pichirilo   Counselor 11th 2040
Madeline YeroCounselor 12th Grade myero1@dadeschools.net2039

Senior Parent Night Presentation

For any questions regarding Student Services Contact:

Ms. Madeleine Yero
Head of Student Services
305-752-7900 Ext. 2039

For further assistance with Student Services issues Contact:

Mr. Lazaro Leal
Assistant Principal
305-752-7900 Ext. 2041

For up to date Graduation Requirements, including assessment requirements, please visit the Florida Department of Education website at