Principal’s Message

Dear Students, Parents, Faculty, Staff,

Principal staff portrait

Welcome to Felix Varela Senior High School! I am thrilled to address you all as the newly appointed Principal of our remarkable school. It is with great excitement and pride that I introduce myself and extend a heartfelt welcome to our dynamic community of learners. At Felix Varela Senior High School, we believe in unleashing the potential within each student. Our motto, “Unleashing the Viper Within,” embodies the spirit of empowerment, courage, and resilience that we instill in our students. Just like a viper, whose true strength lies within, we encourage our students to recognize and embrace their unique talents, skills, and abilities.

To our returning students, welcome back! You have already experienced the transformative power of our school’s environment and motto. As you progress through this academic year, I challenge you to dig deeper, push the boundaries, and continue unleashing the viper within. To our new students, welcome aboard! You are about to embark on an incredible journey of self-discovery and growth. Embrace the challenges ahead, for they are the catalysts that will help you unveil your true potential.

As the new Principal, I am committed to upholding the values that make Felix Varela Senior High School a truly exceptional place of learning. We strive for academic excellence while fostering a compassionate and inclusive community that supports and uplifts one another.

To the parents and guardians, I extend my gratitude for entrusting us with your children’s education. As partners in this educational journey, we will work together to nurture a sense of purpose and determination in our students. To the dedicated faculty and staff, I am deeply appreciative of your dedication to our students’ growth and well-being. Your guidance and mentorship play a crucial role in helping our students embrace their full potential and navigate their way toward success. Together, let us make this academic year one of transformation, empowerment, and progress. Our commitment to unleashing the viper within each student will drive us forward as we create an environment where curiosity is celebrated, creativity is encouraged, and self-belief is strengthened. As Principal, I am eager to listen, learn, and collaborate with all members of our community. I encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas, for it is through collective efforts that we will continue to evolve and thrive.

Once again, welcome to Felix Varela Senior High School. Let us unite in our pursuit of excellence, embracing the spirit of “Unleashing the Viper Within,” and together, we will soar to new heights of achievement and fulfillment.


Mr. Adrian M. Sanchez