Accessing Student Scores

Florida’s Statewide Assessments

FAST Grade 9, FAST Grade 10, Biology, Algebra 1, Geometry, FCLE and US History.

“According to Florida law, students must meet certain academic requirements to earn a standard high school diploma from a public school. This means that students must pass required courses, earn a minimum number of credits, earn a minimum grade point average, and pass the required statewide assessments. Students who meet these requirements but do not pass the required assessments will receive a certificate of completion, which is not equivalent to a standard high school diploma. Passing scores for the statewide assessments are determined by the State Board of Education” (Source: FLDOE)

Florida Assessment of Student Thinking Exams are given to all 9th and 10th grade students at various points in the year.

End-of-Course/B.E.S.T assessments are given to all students enrolled in Algebra, Geometry, Biology and US History.

Students enrolled in US Government are tested for Florida Civic Literacy Examination in Fall and Spring.

Retake exams are available for students who need to meet assessment graduation requirements.

Click Here for more information about state wide assessments and graduation requirements.

Click Here for more information on concordant scores. These can be earned using ACT, SAT or PSAT scores.

Accommodations are provided for students per their IEP, 504 plan or ELL guidelines.


The PSAT exam is provided every Fall/Winter. Every 10th grader is automatically enrolled and 9th and 11th graders have the possibility to test if they qualify.

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AP Exams

The AP exam schedule is available HERE

Please contact your teacher for more information.

Exam Dates

Testing Calendar: Access Calendar HERE

Testing Support Staff

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