Naval Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps

NJROTC stands for Navy Reserve Officer Training Corp. It is a jointly sponsored course by the Navy and Felix Varela High School.  The program focuses on leadership and citizenship for students in grades 9-12.

The NJROTC curriculum that is taught depends on how many years the cadet has been in the program.  

  • First year cadets learn civics, government, health and physical fitness.  
  • Second and Third year cadets study world and U.S. maritime history, national security, naval skills, meteorology, astronomy and physical science.  
  • Fourth year cadets learn leadership theory and techniques.  

All cadets wear their uniform one day per week (Tuesday or Wednesday) and all cadets participate in physical fitness activities on (Thursday or Friday).

The cadets are under no obligation to join the military. Cadets are provided uniforms, books, training aids. NJROTC encourages all types of extracurricular activities and community service.

The NJROTC program is taught by retired officers and enlisted personnel.

To learn more about NJROTC, our events and teams, please check our NJROTC Website.


Mr. Eduardo Lowe
Gunnery Sergeant/US Marine Corps, Ret.
Naval Science Instructor
Email: ed_lowe@dadeschools.net
Mr. Brodes Hartley III
Commander/US Navy, Ret.
Senior Naval Science Instructor
Email: hartleyb@dadeschools.net