Engineering Academy

The Engineering Academy aligns the curriculum with the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) initiatives. Our students study problems in the fields of: aeronautics, architecture, civil electrical, industrial, mechanical and other associated engineering disciplines. There are paired with the support structure of the Technology Student Association (TSA) our national career and technical student organization, also playing a major role in the support of the academy is the Pirate Engineering Parent Association (PEPA) whose goal is to raise money and industry resources within the Miami Dade County Community.

Students in the Engineering Academy learn what it’s like to create experiences that emulate careers in the engineering professions, i.e.: aerospace, architecture, artificial intelligence, civil, electrical, energy, and mechanical engineering. These areas represent the core complement of the American Society of Engineers. Each year, students will be challenged to compete and create investigative portfolios in their grade level classes. Students in this program may have an opportunity to participate in independent work based experiences which enhance the senior year program. The Engineering Academy teaches students problem solving, critical thinking, business and technical computer skills in preparation for college degrees at the junior college and university degree programs of study.

Academy strands include: 
  • Applied Engineering Technology (AET)
  • Advanced Technology Applications (ATA)