Torres, William O. (3D Animation Technology)

William O. Torres is our 3D animation instructor  who join when we opened the school in 2003 to help develop the first four-year 3-D Animation program for high school in the State of Florida and the second in United States.
Prior to teaching, Mr. Torres worked for fourteen years as a Graphic Designer for several companies licensed by Honda, NFL, MLB, WWE and Disney in the development of designs and preparation of artwork for the production of garments.  In addition, Mr. Torres was a concept and product development artist for Warner Brothers and the Cartoon Network Corporation between 1996 and 2002.Mr. Torres has earned a Master of Science Degree in Exceptional Student Education (ESE) from Carlos Albizu University and is currently enrolled at Nova Southeastern University pursuing a Master of Science degree in Educational leadership.
Mr. Torres teaching philosophy centers on the believe that the teacher’s role is to guide, providing access to information rather than acting as the primary source of information by developing students hands-on activities and collaborative training to reinforce the lesson being studied will create an opportunity for individual discovery and construction of knowledge to occur.